February 26, 2024

Parts of the Accra Academy located at Bubiashie in Accra is reportedly in flames.

It is unclear what might have caused the fire in the school.

Photos and videos are rife on social media with some claiming that dormitories in two halls of residence in the school, namely Alema and Halm-Addo were gutted by fire

The fire service is currently at the scene battling the flames.

Personal belongings of some students have been completely destroyed by the fire.

According to an eye witness who spoke to Citi News, there were no casualties recorded as students were at prep as of the time the fire started at around 8pm on Wednesday, 15th January 2019.

“Around 8pm I saw the flames and it looked very serious. It appeared to be at the area where a new dormitory is being constructed. The students were at prep as of the time of the flames. I did not see any of them get hurt by the fire,” the eyewitness said.

Source: citinewsroom

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