October 2, 2023


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Wendy Shay continues to fight FDA over alcohol advertisement; faults FDA’s reply to her

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Wendy Shay has fired back at the Food and Drugs Authority after the organisation responded to her comment.

Yesterday, the “Uber Driver” claimed that she lost a deal worth 1000s of dollars from a foreign company that produces alcoholic beverage because the FDA prohibits Ghanaian celebrities from advertising alcoholic products.

“I just lost a deal worth 1000s‘ of dollars with this foreign alcohol company…I didn’t know in GH Celebrities can’t advertise for alcoholic beverages according to FDA Like Seriously?! Small food we go chop too u wan take 4rm our mouth. Gh celebs wake up !!FDA Lift dat ban!!” she wrote on social media.

This the FDA replied with a Facebook post, stating that “The guidelines on the advertisement of food states clearly that no well-known personality or professional shall be used in alcoholic beverage advertisement”.

The post continued that “The FDA is not trying to take food away from your mouth but rather trying to protect the young ones who idolise you from the abuse of alcohol. On the other hand, we can collaborate with you to use your influence to educate the youth against alcohol abuse”

However, Wendy is not pleased with the response and she has punched holes into FDA’s statement. Posting a photo of herself on Instagram, Wendy wrote “FDA thx for de reply.U endorse alcohol n make cash by approving it to be sold, but you claim to protect children when a celeb wants to make money by advertising it?UNFAIR! If you truly care abt the kids and not the money then why approve it in first place?FDA alone wan chop ..GH wake up!”.

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