September 25, 2023


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‘Coronavirus is real; obey health authorities’ – Survivor tells Ghanaians

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One of the 83 persons who has recovered from the coronavirus disease, has advised Ghanaians who do not believe in the education and prevention tips on the virus to have a renewed mindset.

According to Fred Drah, the virus is not only real but deadly and therefore, must be taken seriously.

“Covid-19 is real. Coronavirus is real. So please, try and obey the lockdown and all other things being said in the media. Let us try and obey them. When I had it, within the shortest time, my throat will be dry I had to take water continuously. Covid-19 is real,” he said. 

Sharing his experience at a press briefing held by the Information Ministry on Thursday April 16, the father of four said, he reported at the La Polyclinic with an abnormal temperature, a sore throat that left his throat constantly dry and a headache.

According to him, it was the care given by doctors and nurses at the Ga East Municipal Hospital where he was put in isolation, that saved his life.

“It was when the ambulance came to pick me from the house that I saw myself dying. This is simply because of the information out there. I had heard that when you are attacked by this virus within two to three days, you will be dead and gone. I saw my wife and children crying seriously. I had never sat in an ambulance before. It was a very terrible moment for me.  

“At the facility, the doctors were scared of me, so were the nurses but in fact, doctors and the nurses at where I went, I will give them 95%. They did very well, very well. The doctors did a very good job. The type of food I ate over there, I don’t eat that at home. It was always delivered on time. The doctors were very good and they helped me to go through it till I recovered and was discharged.”

Touching on the stigmatisation endured by his family after he came back home, Mr. Drah said his wife and children were at the worse end.

According to him, after granting a few interviews on both radio and television to educate people on the virus and its implication, residents in his community found out about his ordeal and refused to associate with his family.

He said while his children were mocked, his wife was always refused service whenever she went out to buy foodstuff.

He pleaded with Ghanaians to be more sympathetic and understanding as the virus cannot be contracted when all health tips like social distancing, washing of hands with soap under running water and use of hand sanitisers are followed.

“I came home on Sunday and was told by the psychologist to stay indoors, but after certain interviews that I did, my wife will go to town and by the time she comes back she will be crying. If she wants to buy something, they will always say it’s not available. I went out to barber my hair and the gentleman told me to wait for him but never returned.

“I know my status now, you don’t even know your status so I should rather be avoiding people not the other way round. I tested negative twice, what about you? The stigma was too much, thank God my children were strong.

“Stay positive with anyone who has tested positive. Encourage them, don’t compound their woes. Be kind to them,” he added.

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