February 26, 2024

Deontay Wilder has hinted he could hang up his gloves if he loses his trilogy fight against Tyson Fury.

Back in February, the American boxer lost to Tyson Fury in their rematch before activating his rematch clause for a trilogy fight with the British heavyweight champion in an attempt to snatch the WBC world heavyweight title back.

The trilogy fight was initially scheduled for July 25, but is expected to be delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking ahead of the bout, Wilder said he is confident the fight will take place this year but hinted that he could hang up his gloves if he loses the fight to Tyson Fury.

‘This is the last final straw as I see it. I’m taking everything in that happened, everything that happened towards me,’ he said in an interview with PBC Podcast.

‘I’m cutting my grass, I’m getting rid of a lot of snakes in the grass.

‘This time has allowed me to look back, dig in the weed and see what was really going on. You can have a lot of great people around you, but certain jealousy of people you can’t control.

‘Everybody wants certain things, everybody wants what you have but they don’t want to work as hard as you, to sacrifice as much as you.

‘People get envious of the things they can’t have, I had to weed out, change up certain things.’

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