October 25, 2021


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Mr President, you disappoint us daily – Yvonne Nelson tells Nana Addo

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Yvonne Nelson has weighed in on the recent happening in the country as she questions the presidency and everything it stands for.

In a tweet, the actress questioned how the president has turned a blind eye. She seemed surprised that the president can sleep when people are agitated and unhappy.

She wrote, “Mr President, how was our night? Did you sleep well knowing the youth of your country are in distress? You disappoint us daily!”
In an earlier tweet, Yvonne Nelson reminds the ruling party of their support for public outcry when the opposition was in power. But now, they are preventing the citizenry from the very actions that they benefited from. “Remember when the NPP was in opposition,(we) Ghanaians going on the streets to demonstrate meant everything to them! They came in their party colours. now (we) same Ghanaians aren’t happy about the state of the country, and the same NPP is blocking us?”

Celebrities including Sarkodie, Stonebwoy and Yvonne Nelson have spoken against the unfortunate turn of events at Ejura earlier this week.

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