September 25, 2023


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Chelsea legend John Terry to sell £5.5m mansion as wife suffers trauma after thieves defecated on bedroom floor and stole £400k worth of jewelry

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Former Chelsea football club defender and captain, John Terry, is ready to sell his £5.5m mansion as his wife Toni Terry still suffers from traumas after burglars ransacked their home while they were away, defecated in their bedrooms and stole £400k worth of jewelry.

It is believed that the four burglars who stole from Terry’s home in Oxshott, Surrey in 2017, were Arsenal fans who wanted revenge on the captain of their rival club. They were all jailed for 27 years after police caught them using DNA from their excrement.

The mansion has six bathrooms, a pool and an outdoor kitchen and according to a close friend of Terry, he now wants to sell the house.

A friend of Terry, said to Metro UK: “The home is a reminder of a night of horror they want consigned to the past.

“The fact one of the men left John a dirty protest at the end of the bed particularly upset them.

“Poor Toni couldn’t unsee the image. They began looking for a new home straight away.”

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