February 26, 2024

An airplane carrying Manchester United fans to the Europa league clash between LASK and Manchester United in Austria was forced to emergency land in Frankfurt due after developing an issue with the engine.

Despite the game to be held Thursday being played behind closed doors, supporters who have bought tickets still traveled to Austria and after the emergency landing, they had to spend Tuesday night in Germany.

The Europa League last-16 tie will be played at the 21,000-capacity Linzer Stadium on Thursday – but no fans will be allowed in.

According to reports in Austria, no one was injured and no casualty was recorded and a journalist Simon Peach on board, described how passengers could see a lighting coloration after the engine lit up mid-flight.

Plane carrying Manchester United fans to Austria for LASK match forced into emergency landing as engine ?lights up mid-air?

Alongside an image of the plane, he wrote: “From Frankfurt… back to Frankfurt via an emergency landing.

“Not great to see an engine light up mid-air. An unplanned night in Germany awaits.”

 “Something about air flow and a stall, but the orange glow out the window was alarming.”

Peach then shared a picture of two cups of beer, with the caption: “Hats off to the pilot for dealing with whatever that was so smoothly. Everyone OK… just thirsty.”

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